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UNDP works in partnership with the Federal Government of Nigeria, development partners, UN agencies, civil society and local communities to help identify local solutions to meet national development challenges through a range of interventions that combine UNDP’s expertise and comparative advantage in the areas of Governance & Peace Building, Inclusive growth and Sustainable Development.

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National Human Development Report 2016
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An assessment of the status of human security and human development in Nigeria. The reports introduces a new concept in the measurement of human wellbeing, the human security index, which in the case of Nigeria has been used as the basis to make a case on its impact on the overall human development status of the population.  

2015 MDGs End-point Report
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The Report highlights Nigeria's progress and status in meeting the MDGs targers agreed upon at the Millennium Summit in 2000. As the last report tracking progress in meeting the country's MDGs promise, it also highlights lessons learnt and proposes a way forward in the new development era, the Sustainable Development Goals.