Our Projects

Inclusive Growth

  • Niger Delta Youth Empowerment

    The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) is aimed at reducing the level of poverty and stimulate sustainable development in the Niger Delta. The project will contribute towards this objective by providing an effective and sustainable job creation programme targeted at the youth of the region.

  • Support to Federal  Ministry of Agriculture for the Implementation of Agriculture Transformation Agend

    With the unveiling of the Agricultural Transformation Agenda by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the UNDP offered technical assistance through its Facility for Inclusive Markets (FIM), a programme designed to catalyse Inclusive Market (IM) experience in Nigeria and to integrate IM into government learning structures.

Governance and Peace Building

  • Democratic Governance for Development

    The Democratic Governance for Development (DGD II) project is a joint donor-funded project managed by UNDP in support of deepening democracy in Nigeria. It is funded with contributions from the European Union (EU), the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and the UNDP.

  • Federal Public Accountability

    This project is based on the realisation that reducing corruption and ensuring the effective and just utilisation of public resources are crucial for achieving sustainable growth and development in Nigeria. In spite of being one of the most resource-rich countries in the world, Nigeria continues to grapple with the challenge of relatively low levels of human development.

  • Regional Project on Small Arms and Light Weapons

    The project is an integral component of the programme "European Union Support to the ECOWAS Peace, Security and Stability mandate (EU-ECOWAS PSS)", implemented 2013-2019, which seeks to support ECOWAS in its capacity to effectively address factors of instability and reinforce a proactive approach to peace-building, conflict prevention and resolution in West Africa.

Sustainable Development

  • Access to Renewable Energy

    The BOI/UNDP Access to Renewable Energy Project’s main focus is to increase the national capacity to invest in and utilize renewable energy resources to improve access to modern energy services for MSMEs and other households.

  • Territorial Approach to Climate Change (TACC) Programme in Delta State

    TACC seeks to establish partnerships between and amongst regions in industrialized and developing countries, NGOs, academia, bilateral aid Organizations, UN agencies, and the private sector to foster knowledge transfer and direct investment to fight climate change.

  • Promoting Energy Efficiency in Residential and Public Sector in Nigeria

    The overall objective of the project is to improve the energy efficiency of series of end-use appliances used in residential and public sectors in Nigeria through the introduction of standards and labels and demand-side management programmes

  • Mainstreaming Sound Management of Chemicals into MDG based Development Plans and Policies

    The Nigeria-UNDP Mainstreaming project is linked with the UNDP-UNEP partnership initiative and seeks to assist the government of Nigeria in recognizing and assessing the opportunities for incorporating Sound Management of Chemicals (SMC) into its developmental policies and plans

  • Niger Delta Biodiversity Project

    This project is aligned with the GEF’s strategic objective-Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Production Landscape/Seascapes and sectors, Strengthening the policy and regulatory framework for mainstreaming Biodiversity.

  • Federal Climate Change and Environmental Governance

    The Federal Ministry of Environment was established by a Presidential approval in June 1999 to ensure effective coordination of all environmental matters, which hitherto were fragmented and resident in different line ministries are adequately mainstreamed into all developmental activities.

  • Small Grants Programme (SGP)

    GEF-SGP is rooted in the belief that global environment problems can best be addressed if local people are involved and there are direct community benefits and ownership. GEF-SGP is convinced that with small amounts of funding, members of local communities can undertake activities that will make a significant difference in their lives and environments, with global benefits.

  • Early Recovery Programme for the North East

    Working with other UN agencies, UNDP Nigeria, though this programme is assisting communities to get to the path of full recovery from the socio-economic slump that the insurgency’s five year long activities has impacted on the region. The programme will address a wide range of areas from those related to local governance of affected communities to their ability to prevent conflict and build structures that support peaceful co-existence and social cohesion.