partners at a governance eventUNDP Resident Representative and UN Resident Coordinator Daouda Toure (left) with international partners at a Multi-Stakeholder event on tasks and responsibilities for the 2015 general elections. Photo: UNDP Nigeria

Partnering with the people and government of Nigeria, UNDP’s support takes a holistic approach strategically linking governance, conflict prevention and peace building to address development deficits resulting from marginalization, mismanagement of public resources, social exclusion and weak sense of national identity.

We, therefore, support increased public accountability and anti-corruption; electoral cycle improvement and strengthening democratic institutions, norms and ethos; peace building and conflict prevention and management; local and urban governance; and evidence based and gender sensitive decision making.

UNDP support to the people and government of Nigeria is aimed at ensuring that the country enjoys a just, democratic, stable society, with accountable governance and increased transparency, through trusted, regulated, participatory electoral processes and high institutional performance, governed by the Rule of Law. This support consists of Legislative processes compliant with international standards, a responsive Executive, and an independent and accessible justice system, which are effectively coordinated, with Human Rights & Gender Equality institutions.

This is strengthened with effective monitoring, reporting and redressing violations especially among the most marginalized groups. Expected results include strengthened transparency and accountability; reduced corruption; improved electoral processes; active citizens’ participation and consolidation of democratic gains; women empowerment; reduced conflicts, and better local government planning and service delivery

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