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  • Enhancing Gender Rights in Ondo State

    As a former secondary school teacher, and as the current Special Assistant on Appointment Management to the Governor of Ondo State in Nigeria, Taiye Gabriel knows the value of a clear plan in achieving one’s goals. So, when Taiye attended a workshop that laid out a twelve point plan for enacting gender responsive policies, she was suitably impressed.

  • Ekaete’s story: Fighting the good fight for Disability Rights in Nigeria

    When you meet disability rights advocate Ekaete Umoh, the first thing that comes to mind is how one person can have such motivation. Whether it is engaging with disability rights groups across Nigeria, lobbying parliament to introduce Nigeria’s first Disability Rights Bill, providing training to encourage persons with a disability to run for office, or personally talking with the numerous people who ask her advice on a daily basis, Ekaete’s passion and commitment means that she does nothing half hearted.

  • Nigeria's women journalists join together for change

    n a country where female participation in professional life has traditionally been limited, the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ), established 25 years ago, stands as a key pillar in the efforts to increase women access and leadership in the media.

  • A tale of two chiefs

    Peace has finally returned to Agila. Fifteen years ago, things were very different. A leadership crisis in the small farming community in the state of Benue tore the community apart when two chiefs vied for leadership, beginning a prolonged conflict that cost lives and displaced thousands.

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