Observing elections from a gender perspective; UNDP builds capacity of women CSOs

Feb 3, 2015

Participants at of the capacity building training on election observation

About 90 representatives from NGOs across Nigeria have had their capacities built on election observation from a gender perspective at a training held on January 29th, 2015. Using the election observation manual, participants were trained on the collection of gender disaggregated data during elections. The training also covered different methodologies for information gathering and analysis from a gender perspective during election observation.

In the previous elections, complaints were made about lack of commitment to mainstreaming gender into elections observation in Nigeria. However this time around, women’s rights groups say they want to see adequate information and data collected to provide information for input into policy reforms processes geared towards the promotion of equal participation of men and women in Nigeria’s electoral process.

Speaking on the occasion, Nigeria’s Minister of Women’s Affairs and Social Development, Hajia Zainab Maina said she was confident that the participants trained would gather enough data from a gender perspective during the election observation missions that could ultimately contribute in providing an environment conducive for overall promotion and protection of women’s rights, reduction in the prevalence of violence, against women, especially during elections, increased representation and participation of women in governance.

Also at the occasion, the National Commissioner and Chairperson of the INEC Outreach and Partnership Committee, Dame Gladys  Nwafor said the training was organized to build capacity of election observers to provide crucial information and data in their observation reports that could be used for credible election reforms and improvement especially relating to women’s participation in politics.   

At the end of the workshop, a checklist for election observation to guide CSOs collecting information from a gender perspective during the forthcoming elections in February was reviewed and adopted by participants.

The training workshop for CSOs on election observation from a gender perspective was supported by DGD II with support from its international partners.

Lucky Musonda


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