Government and UNDP launch Early Recovery Sector Working Group (ERSWG) in Maiduguri

Mar 9, 2017

Muna Garage IDP Camp in Maiduguri, Borno State (Photo, UNDP Nigeria/Lucky Musonda)

The Government of Nigeria and UNDP launched the Early Recovery Sector Working Group (ERSWG) in Maiduguri, Borno State. UNDP, as the co-chair of the global early recovery cluster, is tasked with coordinating early recovery activities in North-East Nigeria.

The ERSWG is a platform that allows organizations to harmonize their interventions in meeting early recovery needs of affacted populations and communities in the region. These include, among others, assessments of needs, planning, and implementation of activities to restore livelihoods and to strengthen governance structures for enhanced provision of basic social services.

‘‘No one organization can ensure that full recovery takes place on the basis of their intervention(s), alone,” UNDP’s Early Recovery Coordinator John Wiater said during the launch. The cluster is chaired by Prof. Babagana Umara, Commissioner of the Ministry for Reconciliation, Reconstruction and Resettlement, supported by Mr. Wiater.

The ERSWG lays the foundation for local ownership of the recovery process based on durable solutions that strengthen resilience, leading to a resumption of nationally-led development interventions.

15 organizations and other sector coordinators attended the group’s first meeting.

Community needs include, among others: shelter/housing (rehabilitation and reconstruction); transitional food security assistance; livelihoods reactivation; community security and mine action interventions; rebuilding/repairing social infrastructure; and repair, rebuild, and reestablish essential services.

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