Government of Nigeria inaugurates Donors’ Partnership Forum on SDGs

Apr 28, 2017

In continuing with its efforts aimed at strengthening partnerships and broadening stakeholder participation in national Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) programmes, the Government of Nigeria inaugurated the Donors’ Forum on the Implementation of SDGs. The inauguration of the Forum came just two months after the launch of the Private Sector Advisory Group on SDGs. The initiative is testimony of the Government’s commitment to bring on board all stakeholders and build effective partnerships for SDGs implementation at the national level.

During the launch of the Forum, Acting President Professor Yemi Osinbajo stated that Government was enhancing the existing partnership with the development partners in support of the SDGs implementation in Nigeria, noting that there are many avenues through which development partners could play a role in supporting the SDGs implementation. “These include, but are not limited to: filling the financing gap through traditional aid (grants and loans); facilitating access to new financing instruments such as Green Bonds/Green Climate Fund; promotion of foreign direct investments; promotion of trade and enterprise development; promoting economic diversification and inclusive growth; provision of technical assistance, capacity development and expertise in specific areas; and promotion of science, technology and innovation to support the implementation of the SDGs.” He added.

During the event, it was pointed out that as part of the SDGs implementation process, Government planned to develop the relevant national, sub-national and sectoral strategies, plans and programmes. Already, the SDGs Needs Assessment and Costing exercise, which will set national targets, identify the full range of interventions to meet those targets, cost those interventions and importantly, evolve an appropriate financing strategy is underway.

It was also emphasized that there was need for continuous engagement with the development partners around Government’s strategies, plans and programmes aimed at achieving the SDGs so that the donors can better align their support to the SDG-based policies, strategies and plans. The SDGs Office plans to develop a donors' coordination compact to guide its work with international development partners to ensure that synergy is built across board with effective collaboration.

“We have made efforts to ensure that the SDGs are fully domesticated and integrated into our National Development Plans such as the recently launched Economic Recovery and Growth Plan. More than ever before, we are forging partnerships and building synergies to galvanize stakeholders to mobilize the required resources for the implementation of the SDGs.” Stated Prof. Osinbajo.

The idea of the Donors’ Forum on SDGs was conceived upon sound development tenets and agreements such as the Addis Ababa Action Agenda (AAAA), being the outcome of the Third International Conference on Financing Development as well as the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation. These two instruments emphasize the place of collaboration between Governments and multi-lateral organizations to achieve the desired development outcomes.

Speaking during the inauguration, Acting UN Resident Coordinator Cristina Albertin stated that although the future held great promise for Nigeria, many challenges remained on the path to the successful implementation of the SDGs. These challenges include, but limited to, “inadequate financial resources, exacerbated by the slowdown in economic activity over the past year; inadequate integration of the SDGs into policies, plans and budgets at both Federal and State levels; weak institutional capacities to participate in and take advantage of new financing instruments, the multilateral trading system and regional economic integration; and limited access to science, technology and innovation. These challenges however, are not insurmountable and can be addressed within the framework of effective partnerships.” Cristina added.

Both the Private Sector Advisory Group on SDGs and the Donors’ Forums will function in a complementary manner, engaging the Government, based on their comparative advantages and bringing their resources and ideas to bear, on the best ways of achieving the SDGs in Nigeria.


Communications Specialist

Lucky Musonda

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