UNDP helps hundreds of students return to school in Makinta Kuriri

Jun 7, 2017

Pupils in newly rehabilitated Makinta Kuriri Primary School (Photo, UNDP Nigeria/Bridget Jangfa)

School life at Makinta Kuriri primary school is gradually returning to normal - for the first time in two years, students arrived for the morning assembly, sat on their new desks and excitedly awaited instructions from their teacher.

Makinta Kuriri Primary School was abandoned and left in ruins as people fled their homes after Boko Haram attacked Benisheik in 2014, a town one and a half hours outside Maiduguri, killing hundreds of people and causing hundreds of others to flee for their lives.  

“When they came, they were shooting and burning houses,” said Asta Usman, Headmistress of Makinta Kuriri Primary School. “They killed five people in our school that day. We were devastated to come back to see the remains of our school.” She added.

Boko Haram, has been waging a war across the Chad Basin since 2009 and have destroyed many key community buildings and have killied more than 20,000 people; more than 1,200 schools were destroyed and over 1,500 more forced to close, as people fled high-risk areas.

To restore communities that are now secured, UNDP, in partnership with the Borno state Ministry for Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Resettlement has begun reconstructing vital infrastructure like schools and clinics. UNDP, with funding from the Government of Japan reconstructed the Makinta Kuriri Primary School, building it back better than before. An additional 200 students from neighbouring communities will now be able to attend the restored school.

“UNDP has done a very good thing for us, and this community will never forget. Our children are happy to be back after two years of being out of school.” Usman said.

“We now have more pupils and teachers here now, which is very good, people are even bringing their children from far”.  She continued.

The reconstruction has provided emergency employment for villagers who were formerly displaced and living in makeshift camps for internally displaced people.

UNDP has rolled out its Integrated Community Stabilization Package in north-east Nigeria in partnership with the government and other development partners. It is a comprehensive approach to helping north east Nigeria recover from the crisis. The Package will also help with basic service provision through the rehabilitation of destroyed community infrastructure, while at the same time restore livelihoods, provide community security, and strengthen local governance.


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