UNDP statement at the validation workshop on integrated analyses for a REDD+ strategy in Nigeria

Aug 16, 2016

(Delivered by Deputy Country Director - Operations, Mandisa Mashologu)

On behalf of UNDP’s Resident Representative and Country Director, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this validation meeting on the integrated analysis for the much awaited REDD+ Strategy for Nigeria. This is a unique opportunity for us to address and further build upon the positive incentives for the REDD programme.

We are all aware of the various efforts to reduce emissions across the world, with new mechanisms being designed and more stringent rules and standards being set. However, the key question is how to draw all this together to ensure overall success. I believe that this is what today’s validation meeting will help us do together.

We would like to commend the Federal Government of Nigeria and most importantly the pioneering efforts from Cross River State, on the achievements attained so far since the REDD+ Programme started in Nigeria in 2012.

We recognize that stakeholder engagement is essential for the sustainability of development and resource management, enhancing the design and implementation of activities and building local understanding and ownership. This has been a critical component of the nascent efforts in Nigeria, which has been proven by the expanded opportunities to influence policies, processes, programmes and projects if we work in an integrated manner. We all need to learn from and build upon past multi-sectoral and stakeholder processes especially in forestry and related activities where trust is low and therefore government and development partner’s transparency and accountability are key.

Today’s validation meeting provides a platform at both national and at state level for formal and informal information sharing and feedback among all stakeholders from which we trust a sound strategy document and National Framework for Nigeria will be developed and implemented for a more positive impact on people’s lives.

Lastly, we know implementation is key once we have the right policies, processes and programmes in place. But is also a good opportunity for resource mobilization and other catalytic funding mechanisms to scale up the REDD Programme in Nigeria.

I therefore urge us all to have an open and frank discussion to address the opportunities, challenges, risks and critical issues that can chart the way forward for the REDD+ programme in Nigeria.

Thank you for your attention.

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