Statement by Pa Lamin Beyai at Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies 2016 Fellows Lecture and Conferment of Fellowship

Nov 15, 2016

On behalf of the UNDP Country Director, Dr. Pa Lamin Beyai, I would like to express my sincerest privilege and honour at being here today. I join you in this celebration of scholarly excellence in Nigerian legal studies – an excellence which the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies has championed for more than three decades.

The promotion and advancement of legal scholarship is of critical importance in the shaping of any society. Law defines how we interact with the world around us today, and also helps us understand what that interaction may look like tomorrow. Strong, transparent and equitable legal frameworks for societies serve as a cornerstone for peace, democracy and development.

As Nigeria faces its many challenges, we must continue to further a rigorous and critical understanding of the law around us. The Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies is a powerful force in this regard. Through its lectures, seminars, symposia and trainings, it ensures a higher knowledge and expertise on law in Nigeria, thereby fostering a climate where peace, democracy and development can flourish.

In this great work, UNDP is proud to be your partner. Already working together on training judicial officers as part of a Japanese-funded project on De-Radicalization, Counter-Terrorism and Migration in Northern Nigeria, UNDP recognizes and applauds the critical role you play in strengthening the rule of law in Nigeria.

Mr. Chairman, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me once again thank you for inviting UNDP to this great event. I assure you that UNDP will continue to work together with key stakeholders, including the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and others, to promote the rule of law, peace and development across this Nigeria in the years to come.

I thank you for your attention.

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