UNDP launched the national Human Development Report 2018 under the theme achieving human development in North-East Nigeria. This report recommends prevention as the penultimate weapon and countermeasure against conflict, violence and subsequently, humanitarian and development crisis.
The investment by UNDP towards the 2019 cohort, in excess of US$3.7 million, is made up of contributions from the regional office and selected UNDP country offices across the continent, including Nigeria.
During the 2019 electoral cycle, as in the past, UNDP took a partnership approach, working closely with CSOs and INEC on a number of initiatives to ensure credible elections were held.
The visits conducted in Logo, Guma, Kwande, Buruku and Agatu Local Government Areas were useful in gaining insights in the local conflict dynamics.
The revitalized partnership places the private sector at the centre-stage of the SDGs implementation process. Progress, or the lack of it, will hinge heavily on the extent of private sector engagement.
The report traced the insufficiency of the regime to its weak emphasis on human rights and gender issues, weak community participatory decision making ...
The Governors agreed to establish the Lake Chad Basin Governors’ Forum, a platform that will serve to enhance joint efforts towards stabilizing, building peace and fostering sustainable development across the region.

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