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Over 3,400 certified from UNDP and Lagos State Employability Support Project

Since inception, over 1,100 trainees have been recruited by different companies are now in gainful employment. Close to 500 have opted to start their own businesses and are now employing others.  

UNDP invests $3.7m towards entrepreneurship development in Africa

The investment by UNDP towards the 2019 cohort, in excess of US$3.7 million, is made up of contributions from the regional office and selected UNDP country offices across the continent, including…  

Over 700 conflict-affected persons engaged in emergency employment in Borno State

Conflict affected communities now engaged in emergency employment are able to fend for their families without having to depend on humanitarian aid.  

Early Recovery Programme Documents

Sustainable energy sources enhances health in rural Nigeria

The low and erratic power supply used to affect the community hospital forcing hospital management to rely on kerosene lantern as source of lighting and petrol generator as their primary source of…  

Nigeria's women journalists join together for change

n a country where female participation in professional life has traditionally been limited, the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ), established 25 years ago, stands as a key pillar in…  

One woman's quest to become a Nigerian Senator

For Senatorial candidate Princess Kemi Oluwatumi, standing in the shadows and hoping for change was never an option. Whilst living abroad, she came to the realization that for the plight of women in…  

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