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Human Development Report 2019

UNDP Nigeria Newsletter May_July 2019

Our newsletter captures activities that UNDP Nigeria Country Office undertakes, engages in and facilitates. This product is developed and shared in order to keep our partners and general public…  

Achieving human development in North-East Nigeria will require addressing root causes of the crisis - Achim Steiner

The decade long military insurgency in North-East Nigeria has eroded the region of development potential. With its roots in prolonged development deficits, addressing the crisis in the region will…  

UNDP Nigeria Annual Report 2016

2016 was a remarkable year – as global events continue to influence the local socio-economic dynamics here in Nigeria, the Government and people of Nigeria remained resilient; for example, when the…  

UNDP Nigeria Annual Report 2015

Highlights of our support during the year 2015 and how it helped the government and people of Nigeria  

National Human Development Report 2016

Human security analysis is an aspect of human development analysis broadly conceived, an approach initiated by Haq, Sen and associates. The same researchers formulated human security and human…  

Legal Environment Assessment for HIV Response in Nigeria

The HIV legal environment assessment is aimed at promoting a deeper understanding of the laws and policies of the country especially as they affect the rights of HIV positive persons, vulnerability of…  

Early Recovery Programme for the North East

Working with other UN agencies, UNDP Nigeria, though this programme is assisting communities to get to the path of full recovery from the socio-economic slump that the insurgency’s five year long…  

Country transition strategy to SDGs

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