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UNDP Scaling Fences : Voices of irregular African migrants to Europe

Scaling Fences’ focus is on those migrants who travelled for development-related reasons — whose primary motivation, in their own words, was not humanitarian or protection-related in nature.  

Despite dangers, majority of irregular migrants from Africa to Europe would still travel: UNDP report

Irregular migrants who made the fraught journey from Africa to Europe would do so again despite knowing the dangers of the trip. Some 93 per cent of almost 2,000 irregular migrants surveyed…  

The State of Social Assistance in Africa Report 2019

The State of Social Assistance in Africa report examines processes and trends in social assistance: the origins and evolution of social assistance over time; the introduction of social protection…  

African governments are committing more domestic resources, increasing social assistance to the poor, report reveals

The findings demonstrate that state-provided social assistance like cash, food transfers, and public works programmes are becoming an important policy instrument to address poverty and vulnerability,…  

Powerful coalition of African influencers to drive the continent’s development agenda, launched at UN General Assembly

A powerful coalition of current and future African leaders in business, academia & the arts have come on one big platform to help Africa steer its own development agenda.  

Hydrochlorofluorocarbon Phaseout Management Plan

This project is being implemented to ensure the sustainable and cost effective phase-out of Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFCs) through implementation of a combination of interrelated institutional and…  

Institutional support towards climate change reporting to the UNFCCC - Third National Communication (TNC)

This project is being implemented to strengthen Nigeria’s technical and institutional capacity to enable it respond effectively to climate change challenges  

Strenthening governance of the Niger Delta biodiversity resources

The project’s outcomes focus on strengthening the governance of biodiversity in the Niger Delta. By mainstreaming biodiversity into the oil and gas sector of the Niger Delta, the project is…  

Promoting sustainability and resilience for food security in the savanna zones of Northern Nigeria

The project is being implemented to support rural smallholder farmers who are struggling with climate change harshness and global warming that cause variability in temperature, rainfall in seven…  

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