UNDP Nigeria Annual Report 2016

Published on 11 Mar 2018 52 pages

Highlights of our support in 2016 and how it helped the government and people of Nigeria

2016 was a remarkable year – as global events continue to influence the local socio-economic dynamics here in Nigeria, the Government and people of Nigeria remained resilient; for example, when the global oil price dropped, and the vandalism of oil installations in the Niger Delta Region led to reduced output, the economy contracted by around 1.7%. The Government of Nigeria salvaged the situation by responding with necessary reforms and strategies - suffering of the people from this reality was minimized. It was also during the same year that 21 of
the Chibok girls were released from captivity – although many more remained behind and still do today, we are hopeful that one day, they will regain their freedom. We still have alot challenges ahead of us.

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