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Nigeria’s Youth Bulge – From Potential ‘Demographic Bomb’ to ‘Demographic Dividend’

Policy brief-Nigeria’s Youth Bulge – From Potential ‘Demographic Bomb’ to ‘Demographic Dividend’

Nov 2, 2018

By 2030, total global population, currently estimated as 7.3 billion people, is projected to reach 8.5 billion, that is, an additional 85 million people annually (UNDESA, 2017). Nigeria, the seventh most populous country in the world has experienced rapid population growth from the mid-20th century. From an estimated population of 38 million in 1950, the current population is estimated at just over 195 million and is projected to reach 236 million by 2030 and 410 million by 2050, making it the third most populous nation in the world by then (UNDESA 2017). 

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