Niger Delta Biodiversity Project

What is the project about

A sustianble forest management siteA sustainable forest management site. Photo: UNDP Nigeria

This project is aligned with the GEF’s strategic objective-Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Production Landscape/Seascapes and sectors, Strengthening the policy and regulatory framework for mainstreaming Biodiversity. The project will target Nigeria’s Oil and Gas sector, which is the backbone of Nigeria’s economy, and touch upon the sectors interface with biodiversity. This is especially relevant, as the bulk of Nigeria’s O&G resources are found in the biodiversity rich Niger Delta Region.

The programme is designed to serve as the catalyst for the changing tide through strategic engagement mechanism that works with O&G companies to adopt a new common BAP framework and commit to biodiversity action planning and cartelize new partnership platform called the Niger Delta Trust that brings together local communities, the O&G sector, government for improved biodiversity mainstreaming.

The project’s goal is to contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of globally significant biological diversity in Niger Delta and its main objective is to mainstream biodiversity management priorities into the Niger Delta Oil and Gas sector development policies and operations.

The geographic focus of the project is on the four core Nigerian States within the Niger Delta (Akwa Ibom,Bayelsa,Delta and Rivers States).The project to  will bring improved biodiversity management to these areas indirectly and directly.

The project’s intervention is categorized under three key Components:

  • The governance framework for law, policy and institutional capacity to enable the mainstreaming of biodiversity management into the O&G sector in the Niger Delta is strengthened.
  • Government, the O&G industry and local communities build and pilot new biodiversity action planning tools for the proactive biodiversity management in the Niger Delta.
  • Stakeholders support long-term biodiversity management in the Niger Delta by capitalizing and accessing the Niger Delta Biodiversity Trust as a collaborative engagement mechanism for local communities, O&G companies and Government at its core.

What have we accomplished so far

•    Recruitment of Project Staff

Who finances it

Year Donor Amount contributed
2013-2016 GEF $3,610,000
2013-2016 UNDP $1,000,000

Delivery in previous fiscal year

Year Total Delivery
2012 N/A

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