Sustainable Development

UNDP’s intervention seeks to strengthen the country’s capacities to address the various environmental challenges at national, state and local government levels by sharing with government partner’s experiences from other parts of the world and as much as possible to provide innovative policy advice and building of lasting partnerships.

Our Goals

UNDP’s main goal is to assist the country through partnerships to attain a certain minimum criteria of environmental sustainability. This strategy to be deployed consists of environmental governance at both the state and federal levels, especially but not limited to the Niger-Delta region based increasingly on policy, legal and regulatory frameworks and actions that are more likely to protect natural resources as well as livelihoods and assist the appropriate bodies in implementing a minimum threshold of national action on climate change which includes development of policies, institutions and creating a financial backdrop for implementing climate change activities.more

Local beneficiary with Nypa fruit

The Global Environment Facility-Small Grants Programme Nigeria provides grant, technical and coordination support to poor and marginalized communities through national NGOs/CBOs to implement local environmental initiatives that also enhance their livelihood while achieving global environmental benefits. PHOTO: UNDP NIGERIAmore

Our Stories

Sawdust waste generated by the sawmills used for the production of Briquettes. photo: undp nigeria
Turning a “burning mountain” of sawdust into briquettes

In the year 2002, Madam Caroline Adogame, a retired nurse, visited Lagos, Nigeria’s economic capital, to see her son Leslie Adogame, who was working in themore 

Some trained members of the Wula community in Cross River State in the cultivation, propagation and management of the afang plant. Photo: undp nigeria
Reforestation protects the environment, increases food supply and income

The efforts made by a local community in Nigeria to save a popular food plant from extinction have started bearing fruits: increased harvests of the foodmore 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • The BOI/UNDP Access to Renewable Energy Project’s main focus is to increase the national capacity to invest in and utilize renewable energy resources to improve access to modern energy services for MSMEs and other households.more 

  • TACC seeks to establish partnerships between and amongst regions in industrialized and developing countries, NGOs, academia, bilateral aid Organizations, UN agencies, and the private sector to foster knowledge transfer and direct investment to fight climate change.more 

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