Today’s IDPs will be tomorrow’s Auto-Mechanic experts - thanks to UNDP

Apr 19, 2017

IDPs drawn from Adamawa, Borno, Gombe and Yobe States enrolled in an Auto-mechanic training programme in Kaduna (Photo, UNDP Nigeria)

Contuining with interventions aimed at meeting early recovery needs of populations affected by the crisis in the North-East, UNDP is building on activities focusing on empowering Internally Displaced People (IDPs) with skills that would enable them to have sources of livelihoods - following the seven yearlong insurgency in North-East Nigeria, Millions have been displaced and livelihoods disrupted.

Through our Livelihoods project, 80 IDPs drawn from Adamawa, Borno, Gombe and Yobe States have been enrolled in an Auto-mechanic training programme in Kaduna. The programme hosted at the Peugeot Nigeria Limited (PAN) Learning Centre is benefitting successful applicants from a two-week orientation programme at the Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre located in Jos, Plateau State. About 100 IDPs applied and following assessments in physical fitness, leadership and civic responsibilities, conflict prevention and peaceful co-existence including mediation, as well as, entrepreneurship skill, 80 candidates were selected for one a year training programme.

This is the second group of IDPs from the North East that UNDP, with support from the Government of Norway, is benefiting from this initiative. The first group commenced their training midway through 2016.

Currently, there are close to 160 IDPs undergoing training at the PAN Learning Centre under the UNDP Livelihoods Support Scheme in the North-East.

At the end of the training, the IDPs will have been empowered in various auto-mechanic skills including mechatronics, spraying and painting, panel beatings, among others.

Those who will successfully complete the training will be assisted with startup equipment to enable them to establish their own businesses in the trade. The training institute will also be on hand to assist those seeking employment opportunities by linking them up with potential employers.


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